a.     How have you adapted to current circumstances amidst the global pandemic? What’s your approach to contingency planning?

“The way I see it, this pandemic has not permanently hindered our ability to be the largest go-to cleaning platform regionally, it has only postponed it; it’s all about playing offense. 

We’ve developed a 5-layer step-up plan, starting with protecting and retaining human capital first and foremost, then focusing on operational excellence and business performance. We’ve shifted our strategy to a more diversified approach with multi-stream revenue generation, exploring the sanitization vertical for example. We’re currently maintaining strong operational performance and flow, and are actively planning for better control in September, assuming and hoping we see better days by then. Third, is a mindful approach to cost-cutting and stretching runway. Lastly, we’ve put in huge efforts, now more so than any other time, to enhance our creative working environment and strengthen employee morale. This comes in the form of workout & game sessions via Zoom, and other creative ways to keep connected. 

The most important approach to contingency planning is a scenario testing approach, with a full re-assessment to all operational departments; this may include a 90%+ optimization in marketing budgets through reassessing CAC/LTV ratios, and profitability margins. We’ve utilized some downtime to focus on product enhancements and improving customer  experience. 

We’ve recently set-up a COVID-19 Relief Fund amongst us at JustMop, and raised AED 100k to help those in-need, mainly our cleaning professionals that have been impacted as a result of drop in demand. 

The key to surviving extensive periods of lockdown and isolation is always overcommunication with all stakeholders – whether with employees, partners, investors, or customers.” 

b.     What are you currently bullish on?

“People, Zoom & Houseparty, and of course, JustMop.”

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