JustClean is a laundry marketplace, SaaS, and logistics solutions startup operational in 5 GCC countries. 

a. What is your response to the impact COVID-19 has had on your business?

“We’ve doubled down on areas where we believe we’re able to achieve control –  JustDeliver, an existing service we’ve recently worked on enhancing; more specifically, it’s a last-mile logistics service across our operational cities in GCC, where we are able to utilize our existing fleets and delivery personnel to their fullest capacity beyond fulfilling orders from our laundry marketplace, in the most efficient manner. Our competitive advantage remains our ability to maintain logistical operations at low costs and efficient margins.

The focus here is recovery – in other words how we can maintain current business performance and prepare for a full-fledged recovery in H2 this year.”

b. What are you currently bullish on?

“Owning the last mile is such an imperative step to enhancing customer experience & loyalty. Adopting a partial freelancer model to last mile delivery supports local talent adversely affected by COVID-19 induced layoffs. We aim to support business regionally and provide & maintain jobs in a market that may seem bleak to many. 

We’re bullish on the cleaning sector post-COVID-19. We’ve made two balance sheet investments in JustMop, an app for booking home-cleaning services, and Keno, an eco-friendly car wash provider in UAE. The aim of such strategic investments is to dominate in a market with immensely untapped potential.”

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