In a world where technology never sleeps, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences hosted Faith Capital’s Deputy Chairman & CEO, Mohammed Jaffar alongside the VC’s Managing Partner Abdulaziz Al Loughani who took part as guest speakers discussing how people are connected more than ever through the internet & how e-commerce has changed opportunities in the business world.

KFAS launched their KFAS Inspo, in accordance to their website,” includes a series of lectures aiming towards inspiring youth and motivating them, presented by the brilliant minds of Kuwaits’ youth, experts and academics who all have extended capacities and expertise in several fields, most importantly science, technology and innovation.”

Both pioneers in the tech industry, Mohammed Jaffar alongside Abdulaziz Al Loughani began their lecture emphasizing the importance of investing in local talent through empowering young entrepreneurs. They encouraged future entrepreneurs to take risks by being blue sky thinkers.

The lecture also presented the importance and impact technology has had on our daily lives as individuals and the opportunities that it has brought along with that integration. They focused on both the personal and professional connections that have undoubtedly come with the presence of different technologies.

The commendable initiative taken by KFAS and the inspiring lecture given by Jaffar and Loughani left a footprint on every attendees, who left the lecture motivated and more connected to the ever growing tech industry around them.

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