In an exclusive interview published by Arabian Business, justclean’s CEO alongside its Co-Founders, Mohammed Jaffar, Athbi Al Enezi, and Nouri Al Enezi highlighted the significance of shifting the laundry industry from offline to an online norm.

They continued to emphasize the importance of integrating justclean within the daily lives of individuals and the many challenges faced by justclean on a daily basis to achieve this.

In February this year, justclean closed an $8m Series A round of funding to expand across the GCC and bolster its logistics and SaaS (Software as a Service) arms that cater to laundry businesses.

“This time last year, we were only actually live and active in Kuwait,” Athbi recalls. “A year later, we are live in the whole of the UAE – not parts of it – and the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and Jeddah, with Riyadh coming this month. We’re also live in Bahrain and Qatar… We like to do things pretty fast…”

In the well written article, justclean revealed its future plans for an IPO. “We have yet to see a big M&A transaction or IPO in this. The more people venture into this space, [the better it is] for everybody. Once things heat up and become hot, we want to be the biggest. [An IPO] is our aim, absolutely… We’re still small, but compared to where we were a year ago, we’re significantly larger and next year I believe we’ll be [even bigger] than we are today,” explained Mohammed Jaffar.

The article is truly evident for how far justclean has grown and its potential to grow in the future.

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