Seamless Saudi Arabia brings together the entire banking and financial services industry to discuss, debate and evaluate the future of money. The two-day conference features more than 200 speakers and attract attendees from across the globe.

Three of Faith Capital’s portfolio companies were featured in the event:

Justclean, Kuwait-based cleaning marketplace

After starting as a laundry service app, Justclean is branching out and looking to make a clean sweep of the sector. The company, an on-demand cleaning marketplace covering the GCC, which also offers car washing and home cleaning, is now focusing on the beauty segment so users can get their hair and nails done at home instead of going to a salon. It also has logistics operation as well as an SaaS (software as a service) business.

Foodics, KSA-based restaurant and payment tech provider

Foodics is the leading Restaurant-Tech company based in Saudi Arabia, with a 360° SaaS Ecosystem that forges ahead in the F&B industry by supporting its end-to-end digitization. Its vision is to build a complete restaurant management ecosystem that enables owners to run their operations seamlessly and grow their business.

YOUGOTAGIFT, UAE-based eGift Card Marketplace

YOUGotaGift is the region’s leading provider of best-in-class business solutions for incentives and commerce. Founded in 2012, YOUGotaGift was the pioneer of the eGift Card Marketplace in MENA – by bringing gift cards into a digital marketplace, it set a new benchmark for consumer and business convenience.

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