Yesterday unveiled 11 startups were chosen in the second batch of the Sanabil 500 MENA Seed Accelerator Program 2021. Female founders lead a third of the batch, signaling 500 Global’s commitment to continue supporting diversity. The program provides pre-seed and seed-stage startups across the Middle East and North Africa with the foundation they need to validate and scale their business regionally and globally. Selected out of 500 applicants, the finalists are working in a diverse range of sectors, including fintech, ecommerce, NFT, health tech, and real estate tech.

We are proud to announce that Playbook, one of Faith’s portfolio companies, was a part of this batch! Playbook, led by Wafa AlObaidat, is a “Edutainment” platform and professional network that accelerates career progression for women. 

Meet Ms. Wafa AlObaidat, CEO of Obai and Hill

In this occasion, Wafa wrote “This is an exciting time for the region! I am excited to finally announce what I have been working on for the past 6 months. 50 million women are entering the workforce. Women need the blueprint to thrive into leadership roles. This is where @getplaybook_ comes in. Playbook is Masterclass for women. We are positioned to be the leading learning platform for women in this region. You can learn leadership, emotional intelligence, negotiation or how to succeed as a CEO from the most influential women of our time. Our platform will offer access to jobs, perks and mentorship on demand.”

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