Challenges only make us stronger. In Abu Dhabi Investment Office’s latest interview, they spoke with Hassan Hallas, CEO and Co-founder of Lyve, about his pathway to success:

1. What would you consider Lyve’s most successful milestone in its journey so far?

Satisfying our customers, especially during the pandemic – which has led us to fulfill over 90 million orders and expand into 15 countries worldwide.

2. What do the next 5 years hold for Lyve?

We envision a significant market and digital expansion over the next few years.
Growing within the MENA region, penetrating new markets across the world and developing new digital products that continue to add speed, transparency, and visibility to the final mile journey.

3. How is Abu Dhabi helping in growing Lyve’s business operations?

Our partnership with Abu Dhabi will enable us to focus on the growth of our R&D department, which will ultimately enrich our ecosystem of technology products to disrupt and raise the bar in the last-mile delivery industry.

4. What has been the proudest moment in your career?

Every time we establish a new partnership, is a proud moment for us. When new   clients or investors place trust in our work, displaying faith in our vision and the way we operate is a testament to our success.

5. What is a piece of advice you wish you had received when first starting your investment journey?

To always be open taking risks and not being afraid to make mistakes, as they are a component of the learning journey. Success is not linear – setbacks are a part of the path.

One Click Away - Hassan Hallas, CEO and co-founder of One Click Delivery  Services - Construction Business News Middle East

Bonus Questions

6. How would you describe the spirit of Abu Dhabi in 5 words?

Vibrant, innovative, visionary, successful, enthusiastic

7. What motivates you to keep growing, evolving and looking ahead?

The innovation possibilities are endless, which is a very motivating concept. Moreover, the fact that the digital market is ever evolving inspires the Lyve team to adapt, improve and always aim higher.

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