YouGotaGift has announced that it has received the region’s first Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance certification for eGift Cards.

The PCI-DSS accreditation is an endorsement of the security of transactions and customer data, ensuring that customers using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and other credit and debit cards are assured of secure transactions.

The Covid-19 pandemic quickened the pace towards digital payments, which in turn accelerated the demand for online payment security. Insights from a report cited security as the most important aspect of an online experience for customers, with 55 per cent saying it was their top priority. In addition, nearly 50 per cent of the under 40-years old demographic said that they were now more concerned about fraud than they were before the pandemic began. Consumers are most concerned about protecting their financial data online, suggesting this is their biggest concern.

YouGotaGift recently partnered up with leading loyalty, employee, and customer rewards programs in the wider GCC region, serving thousands of corporates and hundreds of thousands of individuals through API integrations, online services, and apps.

While digital shopping has been a popular method of shopping in the Middle East, during the pandemic it has grown to become the option of choice. A study of the GCC revealed that the size of the e-commerce market in the GCC is expected to hit $19.7 billion this year alone, with Saudi Arabia accounting for the biggest share at $8.3 billion, followed by the UAE at $7.5 billion. It was noted that shoppers were rapidly moving away from cash and opting for contact-free and digital payment experiences for faster, convenient and secure transactions.

“We have witnessed an acceleration in the demand for eGift Cards since the break of the pandemic. With this upsurge in e-gifting, it was essential that we scale our safety and security measures and opting for the industry certification was a natural fit. As such, this marks an important milestone in our world-class eGift Card platform. In 2013, we were the Region’s First eGift Card platform, and now we are the Region’s First PCI Certified eGift Card platform. We are building to be the most trusted and innovative business partner in the Middle East and beyond,” said Husain Makiya, CEO and founder of YouGotaGift.

As the first digital platform of its kind in the region, YouGotaGift has continued to scale its tech and security initiatives to be aligned with global standards, building on world-class technology and e-commerce solutions. The PCI-DSS certification is a reflection of the company’s continued efforts to enhance safety and establishes it as a trustworthy partner with its users and partners. As digital shopping and e-gifting continues to grow, customers and business will increasingly demand quality certifications. It is therefore recommended that businesses adhere to international quality certifications and customers shop only from certified websites.

With over 700 partner brands, YouGotaGift delivers its eGift Cards by email and SMS through digital channels including their website, mobile apps (iOS and Android), APIs, and other enterprise solutions. Major corporates and governmental institutions integrate with their end-to-end digital incentives solution to engage their employees and customers on digital rewards. With strategic operations in KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, and India, YouGotaGift serves a major geographical territory, that is experiencing an accelerated growth in eGift Card adoption.

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