Faith Capital upholds its mission of empowering Kuwait’s youth to own they economic success through it’s sponsorship of INJAZ-Kuwait’s annual “Company Program” Competition.

The Company Program is INJAZ’s signature curriculum. Implemented in high schools and universities as part of the regular academic curriculum, it provides an outlet for untapped creativity and business savvy.  It is structured as an economic and business laboratory where students, under the supervision of a volunteer mentor from the private sector, experience the entire life cycle of a start-up.  The capstone of INJAZ programs, born from 90 years of JA Worldwide programming, exposes youth to the concepts of free-market economics and participatory governance and capital.

After participating in this program, the students will have the choice to join the National Company Program competition and they will get the chance to present their companies in front of the judging panel. The students’ enterprises will be scored along four stages against a set of regionally agreed criteria: Company report, Business presentation, and Interview with the judging panel.

The Company of the year winner will be qualified to participate in the INJAZ Al Arab Annual Young Entrepreneurs Competition and compete with the other winner from all over the Arab world region. 

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