In an exclusive article posted today by Menabytes titles ” How online flower platform Floward built a $30 million annual business in 3 years”, CEO of Floward and Managing Partner at Faith Capital Holding, Abdulaziz Al Loughani, discussed the growth and further expansion plans of the startup in the future.

He highlighted the importance of the user journey both for sender and recipient and managing the expectations of both. With a pure-play model Floward is able to offer their users a wider product mix at different price points across the 5 GCC countries it currently operates in.

To date Floward has raised close to $7M from investors that include Faith Capital, Saudi’s Impact46, and BNK. The article concludes with Al Loughani stating ” We have built a strong regional brand with healthy unit economics. We like to think that our tech and product are more advanced than any other competitor in the region and even on a global scale. Some of our features are now being copied by some regional/international players. With a clear vision and a good understanding of the market, coupled with an expansion playbook and the right teams, we’re ready to take on Europe right now.”

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