Faith Capital Holding, a Kuwait-based venture capital fund, announces today their recent participation in the most recent financing round of Justmop, a Dubai-based house cleaning service e-commerce business with active operations in 11 cities across 6 GCC countries.

“We now enter an era where we scale with quality,” said Ali Cagatay Ozcan, “With this investment round, we are now in a position to make it happen, faster. Beyond funding overall growth and building more sophisticated technologies, we will expand both geographically and vertically and tie into our ultimate vision of creating happier homes all around the region.”

“Both Justclean and Justmop share a vision of a MENA cleaning sector made efficient by the introduction of both consumer and enterprise technology,” said Mohammed Jaffar Deputy Chairman and CEO of Faith Capital Holding. “We believe that a close working relationship between our two companies will be the beginning of a new comprehensive set of cleaning services being offered to consumers across the region at the touch of a button.”

“We are going to work harder to realize our dream of digitalization of the home services space in the region” said Kerem Kuyucu, a co-founder of Justmop. “We’ll continue enhancing the customer experience while creating more employment opportunities for the less-privileged people around the globe.”

“Handling the logistical aspect of mobilizing and utilizing third party assets on a marketplace is a tremendous task,” said Nouri Al-Enezi, a co-founder of Justclean. “Both Justclean and Justmop have put considerable resources into the technology to manage this task with one goal in mind, making the customer experience absolutely seamless.”

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