DUBAI, 9 OCTOBER 2018 — justclean announced their recent expansion in the United Arab Emirates following the establishment of operations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Having been founded in Kuwait in 2016, justclean attained early market dominance as a consumer-facing laundry marketplace after successfully securing an investment from Faith Capital, a Kuwaiti Venture Capital firm. The UAE represents the company’s first international expansionary effort.

PR Release

Kuwaiti entrepreneurs Nouri and Athbi Al-Enezi set out to create modern and efficient solutions to the problems faced by traditional laundry businesses, including securing order flow, customer loyalty, digital recordkeeping, and logistics management. “We discovered early on that the average Kuwaiti’s laundry expenses constituted the relatively secure revenues of the fairly large and fragmented laundry market,” says Athbi Al-Enezi, a co-founder of justclean. “This market was operating with sustained offline inefficiency at the same time that other sectors were adopting technology as a core part of their operating model,” says Nouri Al-Enezi, a fellow co-founder of justclean. “Laundry businesses stood to greatly enhance revenues and cut costs by adopting technology, but there was no such tech company in the GCC market two years ago.”

“In the past two years, we’ve seen significant increases in the sophistication of the average Kuwaiti laundry business, which correlates with the increased sophistication of your average laundry customer,” says Mohammad Jaffar, the Deputy Chairman and CEO of Faith Capital and CEO of justclean. “Consumers have grown accustomed to digital orders, tracking, and responsive customer service thanks to the F&B industry. Similarly, laundry owners and investors now demand operations oversight and order management applications for their business. justclean’s core mission is to give both consumers and laundry owners precisely the tools they need for a successful modern laundry experience. God willing, justclean will soon become the solution provider of choice for the entire region.”

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